vrijdag, januari 15, 2010

Fwd: Give CoreAVC 2.0 for $7.95 to Friends and Family (or You)

CoreCodec, Inc.


    Jan Romme, we want to thank you for our most successful product launch to date with CoreAVC 2.0. We are grateful for all your support and would like to pass on a $5.00 off discount code ($7.95 purchase price). This discount can be used for friends, family or maybe you need CoreAVC 2.0 for an additional computer.

Discount code:  FAMILY
Use it here:      https://customers.corecodec.com/cart.php

You can share and use the code above as many times as needed until February 28th, 2010.

Thank you.


Dan Marlin
CEO/CoreCodec, Inc.

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