dinsdag, september 06, 2011

Opera or Chrome ? Opera triumphs…


I red an article (here : http://blog.arpitnext.com/2011/09/chrome-beats-internet-explorer.html) that was lauding the bliss that is Chrome and felt compelled to reply with this post. Since it is the result of a stroke of insight, I figured i should post it here on my own blog as well ;-)


I'm reading and writing this message on Opera. I can see that the Opera browser only has 5% market cap in India.

This is unfortunate for some good reasons.
To give you a clear and straightforward reason : only a few years ago Microsoft got a big fine for selling an OS with a pre-packed browser. This was Bad For Competition.

Now fast forward to 2011 and imagine a content provider/producer/hoster, who also happens to sell an OS (Chrome notebook) with a pre-packed browser, which you by the way can not un-install to pick one more to your liking. (This you can still do on Win XP or Linux, fortunately).

Sounds familiar ?

So, why not choose for a browser which has No Other Interests than simply making browsing itself a great experience ?

If you like to know more i recommend : http://mac.appstorm.net/reviews/internet-reviews/opera-the-awesome-browser-that-nobody-uses/


I’m looking forward to hearing for YOU ;-)

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