donderdag, januari 26, 2023

Do not host your Podcasts on Apple Podcasts

What I learned is that Apple does not produce an RSS feed for podcasts that they host. That's right: if you host your show with Apple, the only listeners you can have are folks with the Apple Podcasts app. This feels like an absolutely wild choice from a product perspective; it's the mindset of a company who still thinks that they have dominance over the podcasting world. It's ludicrous to assume that it's a good thing for listeners to have to have specific hardware in order to listen to a podcast.

dinsdag, januari 24, 2023

Medium is the message. About "Stolen Focus" by Johann Hari.

Reality can only be understood sensibly by adopting the opposite messages to Twitter. The world is complex and requires steady focus to be understood; it needs to be thought about and comprehended slowly; and most important truths will be unpopular when they are first articulated. I realized that the times in my own life when I've been most successful on Twitter — in terms of followers and retweets — are the times when I have been least useful as a human being: when I've been attention - deprived, simplistic, vituperative. Of course there are occasional nuggets of insight on the site — but if this becomes your dominant mode of absorbing information, I believe the quality of your thinking will rapidly degrade.

zaterdag, januari 21, 2023

Another Android

DHH wrote:

Now, I'm no fan of Google in general. And I still prefer the fit and finish of iOS over Android, but there's something deeply appealing about having a phone where at least it's actually possible to install Forbidden Software, like Fortnite, without wild interventions like jailbreaking. The fidelity gap is real, but the freedom gap is bigger.

And that made me think: new EU legislation will force Apple and all other OS developers to open up their products to competing App Stores. What added value will Android have over iOS when iOS (and iPadOS) are also allowing to install "competing" AppStore's? I guess zero? 

dinsdag, januari 17, 2023

You can always go faster (if you know where to risk it)

Maybe that's why there's a specific charm about young entrepreneurs. Free of scars from past losses, they can push in a way that grizzled veterans might not. This often gets turned into a caricature for derision, like Tech Bros. But the world needs a mix. We need youngsters blessed with the bliss of ignorance to push the envelope where the stakes are lower. And then some old-timers weathered by wisdom to pull the envelope when the stakes tip large.

maandag, januari 16, 2023

Jeffrey Paul: Apple Has Begun Scanning Your Local Image Files Without Consent

Who knows what types of media governments will legally require Apple to scan for in the future? Today it's CP, tomorrow it's cartoons of the prophet (PBUH please don't decapitate me). One thing you can be sure of is that this database of images for which your hardware will now be used to scan will regularly be amended and updated by people who are not you and are not accountable to you.

This is your first and only warning: Stock macOS now invades your privacy via the Internet when browing local files, taking actions that no reasonable person would expect to touch the network, with iCloud and all analytics turned off, no Apple apps launched (this happened in the Finder, via spacebar preview), and no Apple ID input. You have been notified of this new reality. You will receive no further warnings on the topic.

maandag, januari 09, 2023

Why TV Lost - Paul Graham

In 2006, my parents who never watched much more than the evening news and maybe the Tour d'France, decided to stop watching TV altogether.  Well, actually, our local government decided to switch from analoge broadcasting to DVB-T.  Where we live, we couldn't get decent reception in this 'superior' format, so we still had a TV box in the prominent spot of our living room, but it was just a big black box now, that when turned on, showed the background noise of the Big Bang (or just snow, anyways). 

Around the same time we got our first "high speed internet", in the form of an ADSL connection that gave us a whopping 4mbps download. I was now able to watch the news again by downloading it first and then placing my laptop on the table for all of us to watch. This never caught on. We just didn't watch TV anymore.

About twenty years ago people noticed computers and TV were on a collision course and started to speculate about what they'd produce when they converged. We now know the answer: computers. It's clear now that even by using the word "convergence" we were giving TV too much credit. This won't be convergence so much as replacement. People may still watch things they call "TV shows," but they'll watch them mostly on computers.What decided the contest for computers? Four forces, three of which one could have predicted, and one that would have been harder to.One predictable cause of victory is that the Internet is an open platform. Anyone can build whatever they want on it, and the market picks the winners. So innovation happens at hacker speeds instead of big company speeds.

I still love watching movies and series, but nowadays I will watch them with friends on my beamer, or just on my iPad if I feel bored one evening. The helicon days of live TV broadcasting are indeed far behind us. 

Friends with kids inform me that kids these days don't really watch TV anymore either. Their attention span and time are robbed by smaller screens nowadays.

Happy Times 😊